What Can Shea Butter Do To Your Skin:

If you are  fond of watching TV or if you happen to be updated with the latest happenings you would notice that a lot of beauty products are out in the market today and most of them are claiming that they are the best among other competitors. At the end of the day what we are actually just looking for is a  product that works well on our skin. In this article we will talk about one of the most popular skin ingredient known as Shea Butter and discuss more of its benefits to our skin. We are aiming to provide you with options when it comes to choosing the best natural skin care ingredient in the market nowadays.

Below are the known benefits of Shea Butter :

-It’s a powerful moisturizing agent because it is rich in vitamins and minerals that is essential for skin care. It is very much recommended for people with dry skin because of it powerful moisturizing abilities. If you have dry elbows and knees it is recommended that you apply Shea butter on a daily basis on order to get the best results.-It has anti inflammatory and healing properties. It is recommended as a treatment for insect bites and rashes.-It effectively reduces stretch marks especially with continued use because it has the ability to repair damaged skin and restore its elasticity. A lot of mothers have vouched for the effectiveness of Shea butter, they usually start applying Shea butter during the early stages of their pregnancy to prevent ugly and dark stretch marks from forming.- If you have chapped lips it is recommended to try applying good natural Shea butter lip balm on your lips and chances are you will never revert back to your old brand. Shea Butter offers a lot of amazing benefits and it includes providing protection for your lips from dry and cold climate which should prevent you from getting chapped or cracked lips. – It works wonders on your skin because of its capability to treat and provide instant relief to sunburns. You can also lather your body with Shea butter lotion as a replacement for a sunscreen. -This product is edible and can be used as a substitute for cooking oil. You should use unfiltered and raw Shea butter as a substitute for lard, butter or margarine. You can use it for bread, pancakes and for baking purposes. If it’s your first time using the product you would need to get used to the nutty and woody aroma that it emits. You can start using it in small quantities till you get used to the taste.

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